Thursday, 30 April 2015 23:58

Exodus 2.0.1 Release

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I'm pretty happy with the release of Exodus 2.0 overall, but as expected with only me testing the build prior to release, there were a few bugs in some areas I hadn't tested for awhile. There have been enough issues fixed to justify a patch release, so Exodus 2.0.1 is now available for download! Considering it was 2 years between the first two releases, I think 18 hours between these last two is a bit of an improvement. :)


  • EX-291 - Improved default workspace loading to restore the main window size and maximized state before the main window appears, removed the maximized state as the default state, and changed the "Mega Drive Clean" workspace to not be maximized.

Bug fixes:

  • EX-289 - Fixed an error in the Mega Drive ROM loader which prevented games that used SRAM from loading
  • EX-290 - Fixed a bug in the way embedded ROM file selection was saved which prevented saved systems with an embedded ROM specified from loading
  • EX-292 - Fixed a race condition in the ViewManager which intermittently caused two "Image" windows to appear on startup
  • EX-293 - Fixed several issues with device key mapping which prevented new key assignments being made


  • Comment Link LordDan Wednesday, 01 July 2015 00:43 posted by LordDan

    Any chance for a Linux version for this emulator?

  • Comment Link Ed Herdman Tuesday, 19 May 2015 07:05 posted by Ed Herdman

    Please excuse the comments / questions that were addressed on the Forum (i.e., the non-intuitive bits of the menu system)!

  • Comment Link Ed Herdman Tuesday, 19 May 2015 06:45 posted by Ed Herdman

    Really impressive work! First notes for Windows 7 64-bit:

    - Most important for flexibility and future-proofing: Is there any support (or future plans) for 15KHz output or fullscreen modes? Fullscreen support would be a boon for adaptive-sync monitor users (i.e., FreeSync and G-SYNC).
    - Getting to the video options might confuse some people and I am not sure it's intuitive to put the front-end rendering stuff under VDP (and am I right to guess that the "Enable Line Smoothing" option switches to nearest neighbor scaling and back to bilinear filtering?)
    - In that menu, I noticed the click controls are just long white boxes, and there's no visual confirmation of changes unless you can see the rendering window change.
    - Loading up the No-Intro E-SWAT ROM (US-EUR) I notice some overscan area graphics stuff that other emulators (i.e., Fusion 3.64) don't. This is actually one of the things that gets me really excited about this emulator, but as a future option, I'd like to see the option of setting overscan percentage (or possibly even free overscan direction on various parts of the screen). This probably wouldn't be very practical, but I'm thinking back to the reference I found of Sega's technical documentation and the 90% safe area to avoid differences in overscan from one consumer TV to another. Being able to set overscan, especially freely in each direction, could help in achieving that

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