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Exodus 2.1 Release

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Exodus 2.1 is now available in the downloads area. Note that you'll need to install the Visual C++ 2017 x64 runtime too if you don't have it, which is available there too. There's quite an impressive list of bugfixes in this release. Job EX-303 in particular fixes a crash that could occur if you had a joystick or gamepad connected, which affected a fair number of people in the previous release. There's also pretty good performance improvements. I measure around a 30% speed improvement overall from Exodus 2.0.1, which is pretty substantial. I've made the VDP plane viewer a but nicer by making the window resizable and making the plane region zoomable, which is nice, but I'm particularly proud of this little nugget:

It's a pixel info dialog you can turn on via "Debug->Mega Drive->VDP->Debug Settings". Just float your cursor over any pixel, and it'll tell you exactly what caused it to appear there. This plays nice with layer removal, so you can peel off a layer at a time and see what's behind it if you want to, and where that pixel came from. It even works for CRAM writes during active scan. Being able to reverse the VDP render pipeline like this was relatively easy in Exodus because of how much info the VDP core holds on to, but it still took a bit of work to pull this off. Give it a spin and let me know what you think. It's great for diagnosing those mystery single line or pixel errors you can get while making something.

Here's the full list of user-facing changes in this release:


  • EX-301 - Created the new VDP pixel popup info window
  • EX-316 - Upgraded projects to target VS2017
  • EX-318 - Fixed DPI issues, and made VDP plane viewer resizable and zoomable
  • EX-326 - Performance improvements
  • EX-339 - Added support for Gens KMod internal debug features on undefined VDP registers
  • EX-334 - Added support for stepping over "counted loop" opcodes such as DBRA
  • EX-336 - Added "run to" option in disassembly window, and improved controls and hotkeys.
  • EX-342 - Saved the last used ROM directory path to the system preferences

Bug fixes:

  • EX-295 - Fixed incorrect clearing of Z80 registers on a reset
  • EX-296 - Fixed the 32-bit build target
  • EX-297 - Fixed the naming of M68000 registers in the generic register window
  • EX-298 - Fixed a deadlock and several other issues with the VDP plane viewer
  • EX-299 - Made more room for the FPS counter in the VDP Image status bar
  • EX-302 - Fixed an error with the sample rate for YM2612 and PSG audio log files
  • EX-303 - Fixed an access violation in the joystick access code that occurred if the connected joysticks didn't have consecutive ID numbers starting from 0
  • EX-304 - Fixed the title of the system settings window
  • EX-312 - Fixed disposal of event handles in AudioStream library
  • EX-313 - Fixed bug in M68000 ABCD opcode
  • EX-314 - Fixed active disassembly end location appearing as zero on startup
  • EX-322 - Incorporated remaining fixes identified by Francis during GCC compilation work
  • EX-323 - Fixed M68000 LINK opcode disassembly issue identified by ryanfaescotland
  • EX-325 - Fixed excessive VDP rollbacks and intermittent deadlocks
  • EX-327 - Fixed main window appearing at incorrect size on startup when using saved layout
  • EX-328 - Fixed identified system deadlock case
  • EX-271 - Worked around redraw issues with lockable register edit boxes when docked
  • EX-331 - Fixed access violation when generating savestate in S315_5313::GetScreenshot
  • EX-332 - Fixed threading issue when removing breakpoints
  • EX-307 - Fixed the display of sprite pixels in palette column 15 when shadow/highlight mode is active
  • EX-333 - Fixed disassembly display in trace log
  • EX-337 - Fixed identified threading issues with system execution
  • EX-338 - Fixed DPI issue with dashboard drop targets
  • EX-341 - Fixed BCD flag errors in M68000 core based on new research


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  • Comment Link panzeroceania Tuesday, 19 February 2019 21:35 posted by panzeroceania

    Fantastic stuff! thanks for the update! I look forward to future developments as they unfold

  • Comment Link DougRPG Monday, 07 January 2019 14:03 posted by DougRPG

    Hi, there is a way to trace the code to a file?

  • Comment Link Virgilio Saturday, 05 January 2019 18:00 posted by Virgilio

    Please fix it. You can't run the PierSolar rom.

  • Comment Link Zarnal Wednesday, 14 November 2018 19:58 posted by Zarnal

    Great news. Thank you.

  • Comment Link lee Saturday, 10 November 2018 11:24 posted by lee

    I've really been waiting for this!
    Thank you

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